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The School Song, By Harland Wheeler

In ancient days the druid sage taught underneath the Oak,
Within its shadow saxon men of Thor and Odin spoke.
Oft did around its mossy trunk justice with freedom speak
While we beneath that symbol old, learning and wisdom seek.


Elysian ! Elysian! That title proud we claim
Elysians we all would be, Rather of Use Than Fame
The Greens, The Buffs, The Reds, The Blues
Boughs of the tough Oak tree
Firm as the Oak we'll build our lives
Elysians are we !

Staunch as the oak our school now stands
The oak which is her sign,
Four square to every wind that blows, erect in storm or shine
Staunch too and bold the boys of old who gave our school her fame
A staunch and true would we grow to who now uphold her name.