Finding Old Friends

This section tells you about how we can help you contact old friends.
The Old Elysians’ Club has about 40 paid up members at present but has contact with very many more Old Elysians. If you were at the school either as staff or as a pupil and you would like to contact someone then you can tell us in one of two ways. Either send us an email to or use the 'Contact Us' Section of this website. We recently located David Sawyer (46-53) for Don Ford.

Give us your own preferred contact details (we normally need email address and a telephone number as a minimum). We will also need approximate dates for when you attended or worked at the school (starting and finishing years). Other details such as your job if you were a member of staff, your form if you were a pupil, membership of school societies will all help. We will assume, unless you tell us to the contrary, that you are happy for your details to be passed on to the person you are trying to contact. If this is not the case make sure you say so in your message!

Of course we will need as many details as you can recall about the person you are trying to contact. Especially their name (of course !), years at the school, in what capacity (pupil, staff etc.). Any previous address information you have for the person or an idea where they might be living will do no harm.

We will try to locate your subject in our own records or possibly through other OE members of a similar vintage. If we are successful we will contact the subject and ask if he/she consents to our sending on their contact details or whether they would prefer to contact you themselves, in which case we will pass on your details to them. We will tell you if we do this but we will not reveal any members details to any third party without consent (your consent is assumed unless you tell us otherwise). We will never publish any of these details on the website except to say that 'Johnny Smith has contacted Neville Evans' if you both agree.