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Standing Order Payments

The Old Elysian Club has produced a newsletter since its foundation (it is believed) in 1899. There were at least two issues annually but, although the desire of many OEs to write articles of note and interest is undimmed, the labour of production became rather oppressive, falling on very few shoulders indeed but most prominently those of Chris Willey who perseveres with this labour of Hercules to this day.

With falling membership we have slowly but inexorably moved to a single annual 'Journal' whilst steadily improving the quality of the publication. The printing and distribution of the Journal remains our single biggest outlay.

The Annual Membership fee of the OEC includes the Journal subscription and is set at three different levels related to the method of receiving the Journal which are as follows:

Digital membership (Full Membership with an electronic copy of the Journal distributed by email £15 pa.
UK Print membership (Full Membership with a printed hard copy of the Journal to UK addresses) £ 20 pa
International Print Membership (Full membership with a printed hard copy journal sent worldwide). £ 25 pa.

Payment for the Journal is by Standing Order, If you do not already have a standing order in place please obtain a copy of our standing order form Here you can also obtain Club Bank details for you to send to your bank by post or online using the same link.

If you wish to pay in an alternative way please send us an email.

For non regular payments (Ties, Dinners etc) we will operate a PayPal invoicing and payment system as necessary.